Pesto & Pasta Experience

Pesto & Pasta Experience

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STARTING FROM 70.00 euros per person

Pesto and Pasta Experience in the Cinque Terre!

Only at our properties, exclusively for Cinque Terre Riviera guests, the most comprehensive course for the authentic, original and tastiest recipe of the REAL LIGURIAN PESTO SAUCE.

Paola or Luca, our Pesto & Pasta Experts , will come over to teach you the authentic recipe of Pesto and Hand Made Pasta, Ligurian Style.

Relax at your 5 Terre Holiday Home and Paola or Luca, our Pesto & Pasta Expertswill bring mortar, pestle and all necessary ingredients with them. Tagiolini, Lasagna, Maltagliati and Croxetti won’t be ever a puzzle for you and you’ll be also a Master Chef in bruschetta [brusˈketta] making!
Your Ligurian Dinner will be ready in a minute… You just have to add a bottle of delicious Cinque Terre Wine! On request, our chefs can help you boling the water and preparing your Pesto And Pasta!


in Vernazza  70,00 Eur Per Person (2 students minimum)

in Manarola and Monterosso  80,00 Eur Per Person (2 students minimum)

Booking Fee 15.00 euros per party

Pesto and pasta experience: do not miss this unique opportunity for living the Cinque terre as a local and bring home the authentic secret of Ligurian Pesto and hand made Pasta.


send an email request to info{} indicating type of service, number of passengers, eventual children age, preferred date and time