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Manarola | CinqueTerre

It is a piece of paradise…where locals live all year round. Here, you’ll see them really enjoying the village life, taking care of their vegetable gardens and vineyards.
The village slopes uphill so expect stairs or hilly small roads.
It’s ancient houses will enchant you. It’s know as the intellectual village of the Five for it’s tradition of writers and drama artists, painters and philosophers. It will guarantee a quieter holiday in the Park and the best sunsets!
Its waters are beautiful, perfect for a jump after a hike.
Give a try to a sip of white wine, order some anchovies here, and you’ll definitely fall in love, wishing to spend more time in this village. Cinque Terre riviera offers you in Manarola the best apartments and studios for rental. Cinque Terre Riviera offers here best, selected and exclusive sea view apartments and studios. Comfort, quality and professional assistance guaranteed.

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Its colorful houses look like climbing up the cliff to occupy any single empty spot in a limited area so to leave the rest of the hill to vineyards and nature. Manarola village is famous all over the world for its huge Nativity Scene by Mario Andreoli. Manarola is magic! For this reason it\'s apartments and studios are chosen by our customers to find here the best rental opportunity for visiting the Cinque Terre at ease in a relaxed way. We provide secluded apartments and studios with the best assistance ever. With our info it will be so easy to reach your Manarola property as if it would be your own home.

Our favorite holiday homes in Manarola

Vacation rentals in Manarola

From: 230.00 euros

Il Baluardo Sea View ApartmentManarola

From: 280.00 euros

L’Artista Terraces & Views ApartmentManarola

From: 250.00 euros

Il Gavone Manarola ApartmentManarola

From: 290.00 euros

Vignau Terrace ApartmentManarola

From: 170.00 euros

Salmastro StudioManarola

From: 260.00 euros

La Lampara ApartmentManarola

From: 320.00 euros

Lambìccu Terrace & Views ApartmentManarola

From: 220.00 euros

Radici ApartmentManarola