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Monterosso | CinqueTerre

The largest village of the Cinque Terre, the most accessible, easy to walk around and the one with an amazing, with a stunning stretch of beach right in town. Only here beaches are equipped with umbrellas, showers, beach chairs, restaurants and cafeterias. Monterosso is a favorite among young travelers, couples and families. It’s divided into two sides, the old village, Paese Vecchio, and the newer area, Fegina, where the big beaches are.
The old side is charming, and composed of old buildings (so expect stairs to get inside your holiday home, and if you’re staying along the main road, it could be a bit noisy in the evening as you’re sipping your wine on your balcony).

Its long promenade, its shiny beaches and crystal clear waters, it lovely ancientvillage centre with restaurants and stores, its food market twice a week, make Monterosso really an attractive destinations for all.

Our favorite holiday homes in Monterosso

Vacation rentals in Monterosso

From: €9,650.00

La Maddalena luxury pool villa – weekly rentalsMonterosso

From: €950.00

La Torre dei MerliMonterosso

From: €550.00

Villa MontaleMonterosso

From: €500.00

La Pavona Sea View ApartmentMonterosso

From: €220.00

La Maddalena luxury pool villa – daily rentalsMonterosso

From: €200.00

Levre de CuppiMonterosso

From: €170.00

Nautilus Cottage with ViewsMonterosso

From: €160.00

Erta Dei Rufi – Agave RoomMonterosso

From: €150.00

Erta Dei Rufi – Ginestra RoomMonterosso

From: €130.00

Cyclope Cottage with ViewsMonterosso