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Riomaggiore | CinqueTerre

Everybody knows Riomaggiore Marina as “manifesto” of the Cinque Terre.

It is a variegated and sparkling village, sometimes too crowded, but offers lot’s of services and it’s the closest one to the main town of La Spezia.
Its wine bars deserve definitely a stop. It has a modestly sized beach with clear water.

Best seller, cheap rooms and apartments and exclusive vineyard cottages with sea view.

Cinque Terre Riviera Incoming Tour Operator offers selected apartments and rooms to travelers visiting Riomaggiore and the Cinque Terre along with the choice of the best rental solutions of the area. Lots of info to enjoy also Riomaggiore and the area with activities and useful info. You’ll get the best rental solution and best accommodation offer.

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Riomaggiore si all up and downs and any corner of the village offers hidden and unusual spots. Photography lovers will never be tired of shooting the magic of this enchanted place. It is so nice approaching the village by boat to enjoy the pleasure of capturing the village beauties from the sea. Do do not miss visiting it! In Riomaggiore Cinque Terre Riviera will offer n ice and welcoming, highly selected rooms and apartments at cheap and convenient prices.

Our favorite holiday homes in Riomaggiore

Vacation rentals in Riomaggiore

From: 190.00 euros

Under Milk Wood CottageRiomaggiore

From: €120.00

Vento di Mare – Libeccio RoomRiomaggiore

From: 110.00 euro

Vento di Mare – Scirocco RoomRiomaggiore

From: 150.00 euros

Bella di Rio ApartmentRiomaggiore

From: 105.00 euros

Vento di Mare – Maestrale RoomRiomaggiore

From: 140.00 euros

Gramsci 31 ApartmentRiomaggiore